Be@rbrick Series 18: Tetris and Terminator Salvation (Pics)

Today must have been my lucky day or something. I read somewhere that the latest series of Medicom’s Be@rbricks was released recentlyand I happened to be near one of those specialty toy stores earlier this evening.

True enough, they had the new series in stock, and looking through the list of Be@rbricks, I couldn’t help but feel excited that both Terminator Salvation and Tetris were featured in this collection.

For those who don’t know what Be@rbricks are, basically they are collectible toys in the form of teddy bears, shaped, but bigger than LEGO minifigs. These are sold in a series, blind-box style, so you never know which bear you are getting until you purchase and open the box. There are bears of various degrees of rarity in each series and you can check as the side of each box shows all the bears in the series with their respective rarities.

There are also rares that are not even listed (on the side of the box), so if you do get one, lucky you! In any case, I was on a different kind of luck tonight. I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be nice to get both Tetris and Terminator Salvation Be@rbricks, without buying too many boxes.

I picked and paid for three boxes, and aside from the “Basic” Be@rbrick, I managed to get both Tetris and Terminator Salvation Be@rbricks! Nice! Check out the pictures of the two below:



For those who are interested, Series 18 is made up of 18 different Be@rbricks, each under different categories. The Tetris Be@rbrick is under the Pattern category and makes up 9.37 % of the entire production of this series. The Terminator Salvation Be@rbrick is under the SF (Sci-Fi) category and is 10.41% of the production of this series.

These are hardly rare (I own a number of rares from Series 15), so they should be pretty easy to get. So check out your nearest specialty toys store today. I got mine from ActionCity at The Gardens, Midvalley.

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  1. Shabby July 7, 2009

    I want the Tetris Be@rbrick just because it looks cute and cool XD; But I don’t know where to find them in our country.