Transformers Revenge of the Fallen: All Boom No Substance

What a fine mess we have here in Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen. It would have seemed that director Michael Bay heard the criticsm regarding the first film focusing too much on meatbags, I mean, humans, and proceeded to craft an opus featuring robots, robots and even more robots, with the maligned humans providing comic relief and drama amidst the heavy metal grinding.

The movie has its highs, but many lows to accompany them as well. Michael Bay can provide the best and the worst of robot combat; the best being the fight in the woods featuring Optimus Prime, to the worst was the long drawn out finale.


Marvels of CGI as they are, the Autobots and Decepticons, being “Bayformers”, aren’t pretty to look at. Staring at them for 2 and a half hours is headache inducing, which if you happen to experience, will turn to be excrutiating due the paper thin plot. I bet all those anonymous Decepticons would be unhappy they were not even listed in the “Extras” category.

It’s pretty disappointing to see that directors can no longer tell a story on the silver screen without the need to put out books, comic books and even websites to serve as “primer” to the film’s “paint”. If you haven’t read the comics, you wouldn’t know who the heck this The Fallen character is, and why a bad-ass like Megatron would be calling him master, among other things.

Bay fans will find themselves in familiar ground, with explosions and stuff blowing up (including an aircraft¬† carrier) , and this is what the Transformers franchise is heading to…the generic ka-boom fest thinly disguised as Hasbro advertisements.

Comment of the night – Me: That movie was full of metal. Girlfriend: Yeah, scrap metal.

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