Movie Review: Blood The Last Vampire

You know, when it comes to live-action sword-wielding vampire killers who happen to be half-breeds themselves, there’s only one who is head and shoulders above the rest, Blade. On the other hand, Saya from the recently released Blood: The Last Vampire would have been way down the pecking order if the list wasn’t limited to 2 characters (Blade being the other fella).


The movie goes the extra mile to make the girl look bad, with the last straw being the casting choice of a Korean playing a Japanese in an English speaking role. If getting into character involves just having a steely stare, half a pout and weird-assed English coming out from ones mouth, by all means, put in Sacha Baron Cohen’s character from Talladega Nights instead.

If there was anything that could have saved the swiss cheese storyline and bad acting, it would have been the action scenes. Instead, the fights where choppy, ill-choreographed and what’s with all the fake blood. Someone should have set director Chris Nahon in front of a projector screening Blade 2 to get a clue on how to transfer kinetic anime fight sequences into live-action.

All these along with poorly done special effects made the film look campy and even B-movie-ish. This is not the kind of movie one would expect, and one doesn’t need to be part of the source material’s cult following, to realize that this is a bad film.

Blood: The Last Vampire would have been a waste of admission fees if not for the free tickets I received thanks to the nice people at Nuffnang. If you are planning to watch it over the weekend, I recommend that you save the money for a nice meal instead.

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  1. - c H i E n - June 11, 2009

    is this also the same as the anime blood +?

  2. Caffery June 11, 2009

    Phew… now I don’t wanna go to watch it already.
    Hehe, thanks for this review.

  3. xenohawk June 11, 2009

    @chien: There is another anime with the same name and it looks like a direct live movie from it.

    Need mor vampz moviz!!

  4. tokyo_nights June 14, 2009

    @chien: no, its not, it’s the live adaptation of Blood: The Last Vampire animated movie. Check out xenohawk’s reply for the link.

    @Caffery: Heh, I can get one McValue lunch with 2 apple pies for the price of a ticket to that movie.

    @xenohawk: need more blade 🙂

  5. Ebrahim Kabir June 16, 2009

    Loved the film, great film.

  6. myles and sam June 17, 2009

    Myself and my girlfriend sam just went to see blood:the last vampire…

    …what a complete waste of resources including our own money. We were expecting a spectacular vampire movie however this was not the case. Where do we begin? Having read all the Anne rice novels and seen the best of the other vampire movies i feel I am totally qualified and at liberty to tear this film to bits. Vampires strolling around in broad daylight emmmm I think not. ARRRRRRH this film is so wack that I would love to know the director opinion. He ought to be ashamed of himself for the sheer dissapointment he leaves with the audience after they’ve seen such a film. I am sure some die hard fans loved the film but for me and my companion we would have got more enjoyments flushing the 240 bhat down the toilet. At one stage I was considering walking out of the cinema. avoid it like a strange woman with big hands and a deep throat!

  7. bon bon June 28, 2009

    WEIRD, There were so many moments that just did not make sence