I Like My iPhone. You Have A Problem With That?

Granted that I actually got the iPhone from my brother (and promising to get him an iPod Nano next month), I can see how an overhyped and pricey device (with a slightly disappointing feature set) might rub people the wrong way.


At the same time though, I don’t seem to understand why rabid detractors love nothing more than to lay it thick on the iPhone without even looking into the merits of the device. Casting the price equation out the window, I find that the iPhone is probably one of best convergence device I’ve ever encountered.

Having said that, the iPhone fills in the gaps that my favourite handheld console, the Nintendo DS, seem to have missed. With the iPhone not only do I get access to hundreds of innovative and cool games from the App Store, I also get to surf the Internet on the road (thanks to a data unlimited plan) , listen to music and on top of that, use it as a phone!

There’ll always be better phones out there, with features and abilities that start to rival even mobile computers and other handphones. One thing however that people (especially fanboys) tend to forget is that a particular phone model, no matter how great or perfect it might seem, may not suite everyone.

For me, the iPhone is pretty much a one-stop device, enabling me to do stuff that would previously require 2 to 3 devices. If that isn’t considered great or even good, I don’t know what is.

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  1. xenohawk June 11, 2009

    Agree with you completely. It is one of my used gadget ever. It is my music player, video player, internet, game console, GPS (very very useful, KL street view where are thou), server monitor, VNC, iTunes remote, WiFi stumbler, tape measure, file share device, flickr uploader, twitter, skype, password manaer, facebook, im, personal finance manager, todo list, last.fm scrobbler, evernote, identify music, lightsaber, converter, recorder, sketchpad, online radio, wordpress, email client oh and phone of course…

    Yes… I actually use all of those. I already filtered out 100’s other apps. No more space.. heh.. where is 128GB??

  2. Nicholas Leong June 12, 2009

    Since i only use it to call and SMS, only gripe I have is the SMS system. I like mine the conventional way.

    And I got it free as well, so no complains 😛

    And Mahjong rocks. Other than that, the phone is just a phone to me. Oh yeah, and another gripe is that it is sometimes to plain simple for its own good.

    Some of the more advanced settings are hidden away to ensure that it is monkey-proof but sometimes, well this monkey wants to play more 😛

  3. Cherry June 13, 2009

    i like my Nokia N81.. 🙂

  4. Michelle June 13, 2009

    Another agreement here. I’ve had mine for over a year and a half (original model) I am still as in love with it as the day I bought it, talk about customer satisfaction.

  5. tokyo_nights June 14, 2009

    @xenohawk: Haha. I think if that model ever comes out, you’ll be first in line. 🙂

    @nick: kekeke…understandable. Sometimes user friendliness can get in the way, users aren’t dumb to begin with.

    @cherry: i know babe 🙂

    @michelle: haha. some people just don’t understand that and would liken it to fanboy-ism.