PS3 Demos: Wolverine and Sonic!

Ah Wolverine. Much-maligned Wolverine. Not only did your live action movie sucked, you got pawned by the Hulk VS. animated movie and now, even your video game “adaptation” boasts more bloodshed in its demo compared to your 2 hours of wire-rope stunts.

I had the pleasure of trying out two demos today. The first one, which you have probably guessed it already, was Wolverine and the second demo is that collection of retro SEGA games that I can’t seem to get the name right. Anyways…

The opening CG movie for Wolverine was pretty cool but the game itself looked a little rough graphically but that never prevented it from being a rather fun ride. Much like Afro Samurai, the focus here is to make shishkebabs out of the numerous enemies and being a pin-cushion to anything from bullets to machetes.

Besides putting those adamantium claws to good use, the game adds some RPG-lite elements (level ups) along with the necessary gimmicks, in this case, feral sense (some kind of sixth sense thingy) along with some really cool moves this side of an action game.

The demo stops just before a boss fight, which I think is a pretty good hook for gamers to buy the game. Check out the purchase page right here.

While Wolverine provided a tantalising hook of a game, Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection has several retro games available in the demo version. However, each session is timed and you’ll be kicked out of the particular retro game of your choosing once the time is up! Talk about being a kill-joy.

In any case the purchase page for Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection is available here

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