Return of the Capital Wasteland Wanderer

War.War never ends. Here am I sitted in the middle of nowhere cleaning out my shotgun. Living in the Wasteland necessitates regular weapon maintenance as a means of survival. One would never know the horrors at every turn in this irradiated land.

This is something the people from the Vault, the place I used to call home, fail to understand. Their very human traits of curiosity and enthusiasm makes them disregard the relative safety of the vault to answer the call of adventure echoing from the Wasteland.

I do not share their enthusiasm for the Wasteland, having spent the most of my adult life there. I’ve seen things no sane man should have seen,  done things that run in  contrary with all things civilized and I’ve continued the Good Fight,which is not necessarily a good thing to stomach.

War. It really never went away. My shotgun is fixed. I’ve cannibalized two shotguns taken from underserving lowlifes to service my trusty stead. And once again,I’m heading out.

That’s right. In anticipation of the long-delayed Fallout 3 DLCs for the PS3, the Capital Wasteland Wanderer is back, and he is trawling the Wasteland like never before. Stay tuned for more Tales of the Capital Wasteland Wanderer right here at Nine Over Ten 9/10.

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