Terminator Salvation: Game Over for the Resistance

The last message to come out from the Resistance was ” TSU: Thank you for playing the Terminator Salvation Twitter game “. You mean it was a game all this while? I really thought we were deciphering messages from Skynet. Rants. Blogs about this travesty.

Now, I don’t think any of the participants for the Terminator Salvation Resistance 2019 Twitter game suffered that kind of breakdown since the game ended on the 22nd of May. I had the ignominy of being harvested by Skynet, not once but twice towards the end of it, losing 12 points in the process.


Not that it matters since the game has ended, but taking a look¬† at leaderboards, one guy nearly made it to John Connor’s Squadron with 1424 points (you need 1500 points to get into that very exclusive squad). I hope he didn’t lose precious points getting harvested at the end. It really would have been a case of robbing the guy blind.

In retrospect, Resistance 2018 was an interesting Twitter-based game, and the integration between the game site and Twitter can be described as flawless. Too bad though that the questions, which were trivia-like didn’t really expand beyond the 3rd sequel in the Terminator franchise.

Malaysian companies that prophesy about embracing social media should stand up and take a hint, this game, with its combination of Tweeter, blogs and other websites, is one of the more interesting ways to hold a contest. Check it out here.

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  1. Jemsen May 25, 2009

    yes, you are absolutely right!

  2. IsteriCun May 26, 2009

    thisis totally a must watch movie….