Line Rider Freestyle – Reviewed!

Remember Linerider? That Flash game was at one time the scourge of productivity in my previous workplace. The premise of the game was simple (and in hindsight, addictive). You basically draw a line (with a pencil) which represents the path/slope your sleight-rider would take. Press the play button and watch whether your sleigh-rider (named Bosh) can make it through the course you’ve drawn.

There are plenty of examples on Youtube. One of the more interesting ones would be this:

Heh. If you are done picking up your jaw from the floor, Line Rider has made the Nintendo DS it’s new home with release of Line Rider Freestyle. While the web-based game wasn’t exactly a heavyweight, Freestyle adds in a couple of additional modes, Story and Puzzle as well as the ability to upload content to be shared with friends.

The Freestyle mode, in which the game is named after, is the web experience translated to the portable gaming platform. Strangely it felt abit rugged (maybe it’s because of the small screen), but this issue aside, the ability to save your course/map is God-send.

Besides the infinite replayability value (I don’t think you can design the same course twice), the developers also included something that I’ve not seen in a DS game in a while, a soundtrack in which you can choose which song to play!

Pretty cool stuff this. I noticed a number of what were previously web-based games being ported over to the Nintendo DS, so what’s next? Feeding Frenzy?

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