Star Trek: The Rare Occasion When I’m A Fanboi

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been a Star Trek fan. Starting with watching the old Trek movies on TV2 and then graduating to The Next Generation and Voyager, I’ve always loved the franchise.

I was doing the “live long and prosper sign” back in primary school and still continue to do so (when the occasion calls for it). I don’t really have a lot of Star Trek memorabilia, just a deck of Star Trek  Collectible Card Game cards bought from Las Vegas in 1995 and a whole bunch of Star Trek ships in gashapon form:


The Best of Both Worlds Part 1 and 2 remain as my favourite TV episodes of TNG while The Wrath of Khan and First Contact were probably the best Trekkie films I’ve watched. And I’m about to add one more film to make it a triumvate of the best Star Trek movies ever (IMHO). Yup, J.J. Abrams re-boot of the franchise is nothing short of amazing.

I don’t know whether to cry or laugh but the feeling of awesomeness pervades the film which I watched last night. I applaud the vision shared among the director and writers to come up with something really special for a franchise that has been forced down the drain by the two previous films (Insurrection and Nemesis) and one shitty series (Enterprise). The casting, if I may add, is just stellar!

One thing some people would have a problem wrapping their head around would be the concept of time-travel in this movie. While in First Contact, the Borg seemed to have altered the future by assimilating Earth in the past, Star Trek (yup, the new movie is titled just that) showcases the other side of the time-travel coin: alternate realities being created as a result of time travel.

The movie does a good job at attempting to explain that concept (it’s pretty funny as the characters take to being in an alternate reality like how a duck takes to water), but still, it’s heady stuff  to explain to other people. LOL.

Another source of confusion would be (and I blame the trend of putting backstories into prequel comics) would be Nero’s ship, the Narada. The chap is Romulan and I’m pretty sure casual Trekkies would be asking themselves, shouldn’t that ship look more like a Dreadnaught and why does it look like a freaking Borg nightmare.


Well, it is a Borg nightmare (when in doubt, throw in the Borg) as the Narada started of as a mining vessel which was outfitted with Borg technology shortly after Romulus (the Romulan homeworld) was destroyed by a supernova. The vessel was outfitted for the sole purpose of vengeance on the part of Nero who lost his wife and child when the planet was destroyed.

I hope they bundle the prequels with the subsequent Blu-Ray release of the film. Back to the movie, you’ll need to watch this. Enough said.

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