5 PS3 Games and One Black Samurai in 45 Minutes

My brother has been busy downloading demos for the Sony PS3, so much so that within the span of 45 minutes, I’ve experienced robot combat, clunky barbarian swordplay, gangsta-rapper style beatdowns, shooting people for sport, and slicing and dicing people as a black samurai.

Yup, the demos were for Armored Core 4, Conan, Def Jam Icon, The Club and Afro Samurai, in that order. While I get easily bored with complex control schemes (Armored Core) and half-baked combat (Conan), I liked Afro Samurai the best.

While Conan had that whole God of War thing going on, the chap looked and moved like a Neanderthal. Afro on the other was really cool and had some slick moves going. The gameplay segment was pretty short but the demo itself had quite a bit of cutscenes to give you a glimpse of the story behind the black samurai.


I’m pretty much sold on the tofu-cutting violence. Anyone selling a secondhand copy for cheap? Interested buyer here :). Those wanting to look for new copies of the game or even the  animated movie starring Ron Perlman and Samuel L. Jackson, check out Play-Asia’s product page here.

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