Of Mother’s Day and Digital Photo Frames

It’s Mother’s Day today, so what did you get for your mum to commemorate it? My mum is pretty tech savvy, she has (and uses on a regular basis) a laptop, a DSLR camera, a GPS-enabled Windows Mobile smartphone, and can actually setup a VCR.

Yeah, while this can spawn a lot of “my mum so good, she can beat your mum at…” one liners, it does create a conundrum when it comes to getting a gift for her. It’s a good thing though that technology moves at a fast pace (therefore lotsa stuff to buy, if you know what you want) and I ended up getting one of those new-fangled digital photo frames.

The thing about digital photo frames is that they are essentially LCD screens rigged to a microprocessor that enables you to display photos, play MP3 files and even play videos (on some models). Price wise, these things are actually expensive with no sign of prices going down (most likely due to the most expensive component, the screen).


Case in point, while you can get a 7-inch digital photo frame for around RM 300, going up an inch to 8-inches will set you back more than RM 550. So much difference an inch can make :).

Anyways, my mum was estatic when she saw the digital photo frame running for the first time in the living room. My brother added an MP3 soundtrack to the photo slide show, making it even cooler.

If you are reading this Mum, Happy Mother’s Day, love ya! To the rest of my readers, what did you do for your mum on Mother’s Day? PS: The digital photo frame was one thing in my case, my brother sent my parents to a spa while I prepared a BBQ dinner.

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  1. Electronic frames May 11, 2009

    that’s really a cool gift for mother, i meant a digital photo frame, shot every wonderful movement and send a frame to your mother with all of these photos, let her see you at any time she misses you.

    i’m also planing to give a gift to my mother llike this, but maybe not now, she actually dont know what’s a digital photo frame at all. 😛