Paying Your Income Tax Online With FPX? Ditch Firefox

Have you paid your taxes? Well, if you are going to do so today and you plan to use the online payment system (via FPX) on, remember that using Firefox (3.0.9) will give you a pretty shitty experience with that payment channel. I encountered sessions timeouts (at the individual bank log in pages) and what not when using Firefox.

However, I had no such problems after switching to Internet Explorer 7 right after encountering problems with FF. The only you’ll need to do is to switch off the pop-up blocker which Microsoft has conveniently placed under Tools menu (in the case of Firefox, you’ll need to drill down abit).

So to save you the hassle, since it’s already considered a last minute thing (today is the last day to submit, or is it tomorrow) and browser problems are the last thing you want to encounter,  just use Internet Explorer (with pop-up blocker turned off).

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