PS3’s First MMO Game (On a Disc) Comes Out Tomorrow!

Perhaps the first Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) game on a Blu-Ray Disc for the PS3 is coming out tomorrow (!) in the form of Daikoukai Jidai (a.k.a. Unchartered Waters) Online: Cruz del Sur.


Currently the game is only available in Japanese and I’ve a hard time translating the official site, but here’s some information: the game is selling at a retail price of 6,090 YEN (around USD 64) and each copy comes with 30 days of free online play. After that you’ll need to purchase 30-day Play Tickets which sell for 1,575 YEN each (around USD 16).

And if I’m right, both Windows and PS3 owners of the game can play against each other!

In any case, you can order the game at Play-Asia at USD 64.90 (click here for details).

P/S: To clarify, Angels Online was the first MMORPG for the PS3, but that was released as a downloadable game from the Japanese Playstation Store. Thanks Hugh.

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  1. Hugh Isaacs II April 27, 2009
  2. David April 27, 2009

    Game: 64$
    Monthly fee: 16$

    Am I the only one that thinks this is way too expensive???
    If their gonna charge you to play online they should sell you the game as cheap as possible.

  3. tokyo_nights April 27, 2009

    Thanks man. Looks like some corrections are in order.

  4. Edito April 27, 2009


    Im with u man its to expansive… they could sell the game @20$ and charge 30$ per month…

    its expansive… no doubt

  5. Shani April 27, 2009


    I am thinking the same…
    I don’t want to pay money to play online.

    I hope NCSoft will make some good MMO for PS3 and no online charge as always…

  6. spydrz April 28, 2009

    im with you on that on ,,im not going to pay to play ever again. too many good free to play games out…i wished minions of mirth would realese on ps3 .that would rock,with free to play and the ability to run your own servers.and only $30 for full version.