My GBA Games Collection

If there’s something sorely missing from the NDSi, that would be the GBA slot. While it would have been useful to support Slot-2 peripherals like the Rumble Pak and the Paddle Controller, GBA games would have benefitted from either one of the larger screens of the NDSi.

Which brings us the next question, how many GBA games have you got (I can’t think of a better intro, so sorry for the sleigh of hand¬† :P)? I’ve got 9 of them, and all of them are Japanese titles:

  • Mowaru Made in Wario
  • Donkey Kong: King of Swing
  • Mother 3
  • bit Generations: Boundish
  • bit Generations: Coloris
  • bit Generations: Soundvoyager
  • bit Generations: Digidrive
  • Famicom Mini: The Legend of Zelda
  • Famicom Mini: Star Soldier

Personally, I find the packaging for Japanese GBA games are a whole lot more interesting compared to their US counterparts, and if language isn’t really much of an issue, I’ll go for Japanese anytime. Feel free to describe your collection in the comments section!

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