As If It’s Not Enough Being Called A Pirate..

Apparently local forum-going video game fanboys are made up of spam and drivel along with a healthy dash of sarcasm. But surprisingly, these “tough, caustic guys” were also quick to yell “Mommy!!!” and scream injustice when forum moderators decided to ditch (more like wave a magic wand and make invisible) a forum topic filled with spam in a post count enabled forum (click here to read all about it)

Spam posting is a cheap way of getting one’s post count up and while it’s already clear that this practice is a no-no, that thread in question (when it was still visible) was full of chowder. And boy, can these guys bitch and moan! Don’t you have games to play and consoles to fry (in the case of the 360)?

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  1. Kyo April 23, 2009

    Most of them were being unreasonable enough that other people were tasting the fire from their loud beaks.

    I decided to just let them burn when they can.

  2. tokyo_nights April 24, 2009

    I don’t like people who are like that. I would love to put a tag line:”morons r us” on em.