Getting into Rhythm Heaven at Skypark Subang Terminal (FireFlyz)

Apparently I don’t.  I was stuck on the first level of Rhythm Heaven for like 5 minutes, having a difficult time getting the pegs in between the square pieces. Apparently I’m either flicking the peg right before or right after the cue.

Maybe the strong cologne from the guy 8 meters away in the airport departure hall was affecting not only my sense of smell but also my coordination. Yuck. But anyways, here’s another bunch of tweets since I didn’t get to blog yesterday evening:

18 hours ago: Skypark Subang is probably one of the nicest low cost airport i’ve been to. Very nice with a touch of class. Puts lcct to shame

18 hours ago: Its pretty quiet here at the airport. Not many flying with fireflyz i guess.

18 hours ago: Big apple doughnuts seem to be food of choice for airport staff at Subang skypark

18 hours ago: Tokyo beat down introduced enemies with automatic weapons. Keep dying all the time

18 hours ago: This is gonna be the first time im sitting a duck (typo: double) propeller plane. Wonder whether would it be noisy.

18 hours ago: There are only like 10 people here at the departure hall. Flight is at 5

18 hours ago: The toilet seats at skypark Subang terminal are all scratched up. What are they cleaned with? Sandpaper?

17 hours ago: Im passing the time at airport with rhythm heaven. Verdict: i suck at it.

17 hours ago: Guy sitting 8 meters away. I can smell his thick cologne. Yuck.

17 hours ago: Skypark is also home to eurocopter. Wonder how they manage with planes flying around

17 hours ago: Preflight headcount. Around a dozen passengers, four with doughnuts from big apple. Omg

17 hours ago: A private jet just took off. Entourage left 5 mins ago

17 hours ago: Reason why im not buying doughnuts like the others coz my gf has some waiting for me. Same brand!

17 hours ago: Super auto saloon sometimi for the ds sucks. Japan has better offerings than this

17 hours ago: Hmm. Passengers exit and board through the back on these propeller planes.

17 hours ago: Around 45 passengers sharing the same flight. Like i said earlier not many fly fireflyz

17 hours ago: By the looks of it, fireflyz doesnt seem to be a wheelchair friendly airline

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