Do You Want To Win A Lottery?

Ahhh…Scratch Cards, one of my favourite past times during my sojourns to Liberty City. Apparently you can even win a house if you get lucky with this mini game of chance (here). The funny thing was right after playing GTA: Chinatown Wars (and after scratching so many of those damn things), I found something in a recently purchased issue of Retro Gamer that had me stumped on a little appreciated phrase: life imitating art.


I found a strip of scratch cards (lottery tickets) in Retro Gamer (Load 59). Called the Promotion PB5 by Jackpot UK, the fine print states that there’s an overall 1 in 4 chance of winning a cash prize and a 1 in 4 chance of winning a non cash prize. The prizes being doled out for this jackpot include a variety of cash prizes and also a Mini Cooper, LCD TVs, iPhones, Nintendo Wiis (600 of em), Digital Cameras, and MP3 players.

Since participation in this¬† Jackpot is limited only to UK residents, I wonder what should I with this strip of cards. Should I just scratch them and sell them on eBay if I manage to match the symbols. Scratch that (pun totally intended), eBay doesn’t allow sales of lottery tickets. Or should I just keep em for posterity?

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  1. LeslieLu April 22, 2009

    Scratch cards are awesome. Isn’t GTA: Chinatown Wars crazy good?
    Heads up, GameStop’s pushing Chinatown Wars with a contest to win a “mob boss experience” on their site,

    Airfare for 4 to New York, private limo, hotel, model entourage, VIP room at a nightclub, bodyguard and $5000 in cash. Free to enter.

  2. tokyo_nights April 24, 2009

    Hey leslie, that’s pretty cool