Do You Keep Your Video Games Mint-in-Sealed-Box (MiSB)?

Toy collectors are usually the proponents of the whole Mint-in-Sealed-Box (MiSB) thing, whereby a toy is never opened and played with, and instead kept pristine (as new) within its original packaging. This therefore increases the value of the toy over the years as production ceases and no new ones are being made.

But do video gamers do the same as well? Personally, I’ve got a total of 9 Nintendo DS games  + 1 GBA game under wraps, most of them being Japanese titles. This maybe due to the convenience of having a flashkart, but at the same time, I really loathe to open the packaging and like a toy collector, want the games to be in pristine condition instead.

Packaging for games like Famicom Mini Star Soldier for the GBA can only be opened in such a way that would damage it, definately not the treatment that should be accorded to collectible items such as this. 10 – 20 years from now, these might be worth a bomb, similar to that of MiSB retro game cartridges selling on eBay nowadays. So in the long run, this turns into an investment.

In any case, do YOU keep your games in a MiSB condition? What are the reasons?

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  1. Reveur April 15, 2009

    I do keep mine inside its box and then store it up on the highest shelf. Preventing the itchy finger of kids from messing with it. Same thing goes with my Guitar Heroes set. Opened it, Played it once. Promise myself I will get back to it. Seal it back in itz box and promptly put it up on the shelf till now 😀

    Granted, I do keep my GBA in its box till now. But the box has been broken by some itchy finger jack ass which forcefully opened the box and broke the damn flaps.

    There is a world of hurt coming for whoever I found that did that.

  2. tokyo_nights April 15, 2009

    Hmmm…those people have no respect for people’s property. They deserved to be kicked in the ass in my book.