A Word On X-Men Origins: Wolverine

This is not a review. Having watched it (yes, I did), I feel that the missing bits and pieces of CGI would’ve actually shocked and awed anyone watching the finished product in a theather. And I don’t understand is why would someone take the trouble to leak an unfinished copy of X-Men Origins – Wolverine.


Anyways, if you have bought the DVD, or downloaded a copy, I think you owe it to yourself¬† to actually catch the movie in the cinema. It actually makes for pretty good pop-corn fare, but there’s one big caveat.

If you are expecting a mash up between the Wolverine Origins and Weapon X storylines, you’ll get what you wish for, albeit teen friendly version with lots of liberal changes to that of the comic book storylines. No matter,I’ll be getting the original Blu-Ray version of the movie once it comes out on that medium.

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