What’s The Best In-Flight Meal You Ever Had?

The flight from JB to KL was so short that I didn’t really have time to play Tokyo Beat Down, but I did spend some time to savour Air Asia’s Nasi Lemak meal.  I have flown with three airlines, with long-haul flights on MAS and Emirates, and I must say, Air Asia’s Nasi Lemak is the best in-flight meal I’ve ever had, trumping even the offerings from the two big airlines.

The nasi lemak, to begin with, was done right. The coconut-milk infused rice had excellent condiments: rendang chicken, sambal (not too hot, and not too sweet) and fried peanuts and anchovies to go with it. It’s a meal that works real well and doesn’t taste like the bland food in-flight meals are normally associated with. In fact, Datuk Tony Fernandes should set up a stall selling that nasi lemak on the ground. Good stuff this.

What about you then, what’s the best in-flight meal you ever had? And I’m not referring to your membership to the mile high club :).

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  1. Kyo April 14, 2009

    I thought the nasik goreng is better? Because I think I remember someone said that the nasik lemak was like a jumbled mash up of various items. 😀

  2. tokyo_nights April 15, 2009

    No way man. The nasi lemak was really good, and it didn’t look like a mess. But that said, the guy sitting on the next seat had spaghetti meatballs, now that looked really good too.

  3. Cherry April 18, 2009

    i never enjoy any in-flight meal.. coz i am always too worried and think of the worst thing that cud happen while flying.. spoil my appetite nia.. 😛

  4. tokyo_nights April 19, 2009

    Aiyoyo. You need to relax Cherry Berry! Enjoy the flight! HAHA