Neo Geo Pulstar on the Nintendo DS

Still on the subject of neoDS, a Neo Geo emulator for the Nintendo DS, here’s a video of Pulstar being played on it. A bit of background here, Pulstar was conceived for the Neo Geo as a Gradius clone, so much so that people actually thought the company responsible was staffed with ex-Gradius developers.

The game is seriously beautiful and despite being released back in 1995, it holds up pretty well on the small screen of the Nintendo DS. Textures and explosions have a certain photo-realistic quality to them and while there are slowdowns, the game is still pretty playable. Playing these games, I can’t help by wonder why people view emulation in disdane; without emulation, I think opportunities for current generation gamers to experience such games would be limited.

I certainly wouldn’t want to be grouped together with an bunch of elitist bastards thinking that the way to go would be to actually purchase these ancient titles off eBay, along with the consoles to play them with. That would certainly be too much.

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  1. GCrusher April 6, 2010

    No one thought Pulstar was a Gradius clone, or as you say, rather they thought it was an R-Type clone. Just look at the frontal power weapon which is a dead giveaway.