April Fools’ Day and of Writting About Crappy Video Games

Did you get fooled this year on the 1st of April? It seems to me that, like the economy, the number of gags have gone down the drain. Artline did introduce a “microchipped pen”, you know, to deal with missing pens everytime you loan them to a colleague. And while Sony’s price cuts were the norm (including this site… I ran of ideas, sorry), a helicopter hotel was the nearest at causing the blogosphere to implode in its seemingly real awesomeness.


Anyways, I thought the super influx of shovelware this April for the Nintendo DS and the Wii was an April joke being played on me. It was during my visit to Nine Over Ten earlier today that I  noticed the ads were carrying a heck load of shovelware that I contemplated removing them for a week (seriously). But some people really dig shovelware, otherwise why make these games in the first place; like morons, it’s impossible to stop publishers from dishing out shovelware.

And like suckers, people buy ’em and I get pocket money in the process.

But if you were to say on April 1st, that I would be getting a piece of shovelware in the mail, heck, I would actually believe you and will not sock you in the eye. I get crap sent to me sometimes, it’s ridiculous, and it doesn’t matter whether it is indie or not. I can’t review a game that insults my intelligence, or puts me to sleep in 2 minutes, or is so half-assed I would rather read a local car mag…shovelware does all three at once!

There are TWO games in my to-review-list-because-they-were-sent-to-me-but-they-are-crap, it’s vexing, but I don’t know where to start. What do you do when you get crap to write about?

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