Google Map Guide to Video Game Shops in KL and the Klang Valley

I spent the entire day on Friday cooking for my dad’s birthday party, so naturally I was beat on Saturday morning. Feeling lazy to get out of bed, I had a brain wave there and then to come up with map of popular video game stores in the Klang Valley. The idea came from the fact that while there are popular stores that have good testimonies (we don’t have big chains like Best Buy, Gamestop, EB Games in Malaysia but instead rely on smaller, independent retailers), not many people know where they are located.

So here’s a map that I’ve created, thanks to the Google Maps service, of popular video game stores in Kuala Lumpur (KL, the capital city of Malyasia) and the surrounding area known as the Klang Valley. Criteria for addition into this map is pretty simple, good customer testimonies in the Forum, perhaps the largest online community in Malaysia. Check it out:

Click here to view it on Google Maps. P/S: I’m not getting paid for this, it’s just something nice to do for the guys who work hard in providing for our gaming needs :).

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  1. Tatsumi Tora July 5, 2012

    Hey, I know you wrote this article like years ago but I kinda stumbled into it and I’m flying off to KL next week (that would be July 12th) and I was wondering if you know, and if you happen to know any Game shops in KL that sells old PS2 games. I am desperately searching for an old game to satisfy my gaming desire. Hope you can fill me in on the info. Thanks yeah. 🙂 Appreciate the help in advance.

  2. Tatsumi Tora July 5, 2012

    And I forgot to mention that the game has to be original. Thanks again, 🙂

  3. tokyo_nights July 5, 2012

    Hi Tatsumi,

    You can try out the shop in Bangsar Shopping Center, it’s called Playtime. Be sure to call first before going to the shop.

  4. antonio amantea August 6, 2014

    hey I’m in kl now and I’m looking to sell my PS4 and some old ps3 games and i see ur map is awesome but from a few years ago I’m in the butik bintang area can u suggest any places that BUY used games? and Console?