Game Ratings? Singapore Got It Down Pat!

Like the Malaysian government, the Singapore government is pretty anal on censorship, but when they do stuff, they got style and panache (but with the occasional misses), unlike the smug looking politicians populating the Malaysian cabinet, acting like Pharisees all the time while greasing their palms (I know it’s a catch all, but that’s how generally things are in MALAYSIA).

In any case, check out the website for Singapore’s Media Development Authority. They have a classification system for video games. To complement this, the site has a search tool to allow users to search for game ratings! How cool is comparison, Malaysia doesn’t have one.

Anyways, more on the game ratings search. Some of the latest games are already searchable (Halo Wars, Henry Hatsworth), and the search engine even accepts acronyms like GTA. A sample search result looks like the following:

Romanised Title GTA – CHINATOWN WARS
Also Known As
Publisher/Developer ROCKSTAR GAMES
Year of Release 2009
Region Asia
Decision Approved
Platform Nintendo DS
Rating Mature 18

Pretty cool huh? Click here to check it out.

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  1. Chapree March 25, 2009

    That’s very cool indeed! Singapore is very serious about their gaming industry.

    I believe, Malaysia, on the other hand, doesn’t even have classification system for video games. I personally rather have it that way though, because god knows what those pesky politicians would do to our video games if the system exists in our country. XD

  2. tokyo_nights March 25, 2009

    Hi Chapree, thanks for dropping by! Yeah, those guys got it down pat when it comes to official console availability and support, demand for original games and even governance.

    But in the case of Malaysia, they are not even doing much to address the piracy threat, what more video game ratings.