Notable Japanese Nintendo DS Game Bargains

For all you Japanse Club Nintendo merchandise collectors, a pre-owned copy of Tingle no Balloon Fight (Club Nintendo Limited Edition) starring that weird Tingle dude is currently going on sale at Play-Asia at a discounted price of USD 29.90 (Click here for details).

As for fans of arcade hit Sangokushi Taisen, the Sangokushi Taisen Ten [Arcade Shutsujin Pack] for the Nintendo DS is selling at a discounted price of USD 39.90, brand new. Why is it a must get? It comes with 4 exclusive bonus cards for the arcade version of the game as well as the operator’s manual (arcade version)! How cool is that? Click here for details.

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  1. Nicholas Leong March 11, 2009

    Too bad I can’t understand these games 😛