Tales of a Capital Wasteland Wanderer – Finale

Lone Wanderer’s Bad Conscience: Draw straws?! Fiddlesticks. Why not we draw a gun at her head and have her march into that irridiated death trap and switch the damn purifier on.

Lone Wanderer’s Neutral Conscience: Yay, straws! I like straws! Come on, BC, we are all going to die anyways/ So let’s draw straws with her and see who gets to die first.

Lone Wanderer’s Good Conscience: Hush the two of you. I somehow feel that I’m destined to do this…that Dad wouldn’t want more than me going into that chamber to switch on the purifier and bring a change in this God forsaken land.

BC: You are so full of yourself GC. Last, Best Hope of Humanity my foot. I suggest we blow this joint, there’s a good ole chunk of Wasteland yet to be explored. Think about it, places to loot, raiders to kill, people to enslave… heck, I think I’ll setup an Ultra Jet lab and take over that posh pad of Tenpenny’s. Now, get with the program and TELL her to switch on that damned thing. If she ends up dead, we’ll just tell her pop she died a heroine.

GC: No, I can’t do that. It wouldn’t be appropriate to impose someone else to finish what Dad started. Only I can do this, it’s destiny….preordained you might add. The end is here boys, and we are going to do it.

NC: Like I said…We’re gonna die anyway.

BC (mutters): I knew I should have blew up Megaton when I have the chance. Now I won’t get to see Miss Yappati-Wasteland-Survivors-Guide-Yap turn into a ghoul. Damn you GC.

And so it was that the Lone Wanderer ventured forth from Vault 101 intent on discovering the fate of a father who has once sacrificed the future of humanity for that of his own child.

But it was not until the end of this long road that the Lone Wanderer learned the true meaning of that greatest of virtues – sacrifice. Stepping into the irradiated control chamber of Project Purity, the child followed the example of the father sacrificing life itself for the greater good of mankind.

Thankfully, when selected by the sinister president to be his instrument of annihilation, the Wanderer refused. Humanity with all its flaws was deemed worthy of preservation. The waters of life flowed at last – free and pure, for any and all. The Capital Wasteland at long last was saved.

So ends the story of the Lone Wanderer, who stepped through the great door of Vault 101 and into the annals of legend. But the tale of humanity will never come to a close, for the struggle of survival is a war without end, and war – war never change.

The Capital Wasteland proved a cruel inhospitable place, but the Lone Wanderer refused to surrender to the vices that had claimed so many others. The values passed on from father to child – selflessness, compassion, honor – guided this noble soul through countless trials and triumphs.

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