PayPal Credit Card Withdrawal Fiasco – Updates

Here’s an update on the PayPal Credit Card withdrawal issue which I brought up to PayPal’s support team. A little background on the issue, I withdrawed USD 90 to my Credit Card and got USD 5 deducted from the amount as PayPay’s withdrawal fee.

However, after nearly 2 weeks, the withdrawal’s status was still listed as Pending. After e-mailling Paypal, I was re-imbursed only USD 85. I sent in an e-mail yesterday enquiring about the status of re-imbursing the withdrawal fee.

A reply came in later in the day from PayPal, stating:

I understand you are concerned about the 5USD withdrawal fee, am I right?

Please don’t worry about that, and we will credit the 5USD to your PayPal balance soon. Please wait with your patience.

I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused you.

No time frame was given. Oh well, looks like I’ve to wait for my Paypal balance to + USD 5 anytime soon.

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  1. PandanKia February 21, 2009

    What a bull!
    Paypal only replies with standard reply templates. They do not get personal, certainly not with broken English.
    You are pathetic!

  2. tokyo_nights February 22, 2009

    Really now? Have you actually e-mailed Paypal before? I wouldn’t lie about it, after all, I do have the e-mails to back it up. But of course, you, the pot calling the kettle black, wouldn’t bother since your day job involves going around blogs posting caustic messages :).