Tales of a Capital Wasteland Wanderer Part 4

James is dead. It’s been more than a year since I left the Vault in search of him, and he had to die, separated by a piece of re-inforced glass from me.

Things were starting to look up for us, until those guys wearing demon-like armour came crashing him. It seems that their leader wanted to take over the project James was working on. Thanks to James, I managed to lead a group of scientist away from what could have been a massacre.

Our pursuers were relentless through the sewer tunnels, my only consolation from these encounters with them was obtaining some seemingly priceless powered armour. It would seem like hours had passed before our cat and mouse game through the tunnels brought us to the surface and into friendly, if not heavily armed, people.

The Brotherhood of Steel was their name, and as a reward for bringing the scientists back, I got the opportunity to go through Powered Armour 101. Sure enough, the powered armour I looted earlier fitted me like a glove, and moved even more so.

But having done so, I can’t help but feel that the end is nigh.

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