FHM Australia Gives Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, A Bad Name

A friend of mine who recently came back from his holiday Down Under passed a copy of FHM Australia’s March 2009 issue. Ahh. Now this is a much more classier, cooler, hotter, nicer (you can put together all the nice adjectives here) compared to the Malaysian rag we have here. The articles are quite good, nevermind the women (I think they toned it down a bit).

Even a news items from Malaysia made a two page news item in the magazine and here’s the downer, it was concerning the landslide in Bukit Antarabangsa. My problem with the mag is that the landslide piece made KL sound like the landslide capital of Asia.

Here’s the part where it gets to me a little: “The city was hit by a massive landslide on 6 December last year……And it’s not the first time nature pulled the rug from under the Malaysian capital. In 1993, the Highland Towers apartment building collapsed after a landslide triggered by heavy rain, killing 48 people. Visit at your peril”

But then again, if hillside developments continue to flourish, then perhaps FHM Australia is right!

Talking bout FHM and Malaysia, Tim Chew of Mediacorp Publishing posted a comment on my old FHM knockabout post (here). Seriously man… https://fhmmalaysia.blogspot.com/? Two words for a magazine of FHM’s stature: Lifestyle Portal, and not cheap ass blog wannabe.

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  1. aw February 13, 2009

    Well mate, that’s the way reputations are made and perceived. Along the lines of, you tell a lie once, and no one will believe you after that. Coupled with a lazy writer. I would agree that, in very few places in the developing/developed world (OK, I can’t think of any besides Malaysia) that *modern* developments would have been approved on hillsides, esp without strengthening earthworks. Corruption, corruption. Even in China now, the official responsible might even be executed. Here, they just get a bigger mansion.

    Think about it. ARE THEY F*CKING CRAZY??? Very-high mid-priced condos on a hillside? And no one checking hills in this country with heavy tropical rains?? They only mentioned 2 landslides, but there has been many more – the one in Damansara Heights last year, the recent one at CIMB, the various under-reported ones along out-of-town highways etc.

  2. Nicholas Leong February 13, 2009

    Malaysia is quite the place for landslides 😛 Not only residential areas, highways too!

  3. CincauHangus February 13, 2009

    i wouldnt mind have the pussycat… hahaahaha…

    sorry.. pussycat was interesting.. hmm… =p

  4. tokyo_nights February 13, 2009

    @aw/@nick… Yeah. The part about landslides can’t be denied. The point regarding corruption is true as well. But there’s no need for the “travel advisory” in that article.

    @cincauhangus: still looking for pussy eh? 😛

  5. Kyo February 13, 2009

    Pray Genting Highlands doesn’t collapse.

  6. tokyo_nights February 13, 2009

    I’m going to Cameron Highlands tomorrow.