My World My Way: A Telephone Conversation

Hey girlfriend! The other day I was in this forest, and this warcat feline warrior thinghy ambushed me! I got so pissed thinking about the last fight I got with one of these creatures and I pouted and boom! It disappeared!

And there was this time…I had my new fur boots get all muddy walking through a potato patch. I wasn’t really happy about it, why can’t a girl walk through a nice plain without getting her boots dirty. It is too much to ask for? Well guess what? I pouted again, and it was a dancing plain! The grass were so happy to see me! I’m happy when things make me happy.

Daddy said that when I’m pouting I’m unstoppable and I get whatever I want! When in doubt, pout! Wait, you got to hang up the phone now? You’ve got better things to do? Why you little frog… I want to talk on the phone with you!!! *pouts…*ribbit…ribbit

The game is out now. It’s a pretty interesting RPG, with a bratty, selfish protagonist and a pouting system that changes the conditions of the game for better or for worse. Click here for purchase information.

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  1. Nicholas Leong February 12, 2009

    Reviews said it is good but I still can’t see myself playing a game with a bratty character 😛

  2. Kyo February 12, 2009

    isn’t there a level 99 in handsomeness in this game? 😛

  3. tokyo_nights February 12, 2009

    @Nic: Try it…it is good.

    @Kyo: That level 99 handsomeness thing applies only to that adventurer the brat is head over heels for. *POUTS