How Long Does It Take to Assemble a Pokemon Castle?

Assemble what? You read the title correct, a Pokemon Castle. If Bandai were to have it their way, the toy company would have you look for and assemble 5 different parts of the castle first, before merging all 5 parts into a single giant castle. This is exactly what they have done with their new Pokemon Castle Candy Toy Figurine collection.

Collect all 5 parts (gotta get ’em all…heh) to assemble a 30 cm tall castle. Each part comes with its own Pokemon and if you must know, the host of the castle is who else but Pikachu. Check out the product description:

Build a castle for your pokemons. As a trainer you have to find a place for them to live, and what is better than a theme park-like castle complete with slides and fun rides.

The castle is built from five parts, each housed a specific pokemon, collect them all and assemble the parts together to form your castle. The five pokemon are Pikachu the mascot, Pocchama the blue bird, Hiko Saru the monkey, Naetoru the turtle and Greguru the lizard.

These candy toys contain quite a number of small parts, please keep them away from small children.

Gotta catch’em all, these toys are shipped randomly, please order a box of ten to recieve a factory sealed container.

Check out the following pictures:

Interested? Click here for purchase information.

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