Tales of a Capital Wasteland Wanderer Part 3

The Interview Three-Dog Didn’t Broadcast

Three-Dog: Good evening children! Here’s Three-Dog! Now have I got a treat for you tonight. We have here, the Saviour of the Wastelands right here in MY studio for an exclusive interview! Now, 101, say something to all my, I mean your Wastelander fans out there.

Lone Wanderer: Hey ya.

Three-Dog: There you go people, our boy here is fighting the Good Fight! Few words needed indeed. So 101, it’s been a while since I last saw you…back when you fixed GNR’s satellite dish, how are things going? Did ya find your Dad yet?

Lone Wanderer: Nope, but I’ve been travelling around the Wastelands.

Three-Dog: You mean you have not found James yet? One day you came in here howling for your Dad and now you are just wandering around the Wastelands. What’s the deal, 101?

Lone Wanderer: I figure that I get some experience first before setting out looking for him. I mean…the Wastelands is a big bad place, at least that’s what they tell us in the Vault. Now I know it’s a big bad hellhole.

Three-Dog: Easy there 101. You do look different from the greenhorn look the first time you came in here. Is that combat armour you are wearing? And where did you get that big-ass gun?? I’m sure my listeners would be curious to know, not to mention yours truly.

Lone Wanderer: I got the armour as a gift, you know from Reilly.

Three-Dog: I heard about the mess you stirred up rescuing them Rangers, what the hell exactly went down there?

Lone Wanderer: I was looting a hospital when I got an emergency transmission on my Pip Boy. Turns out this bunch of Rangers were stuck on the roof of the building next door.

Three-Dog: So it was pure luck those Rangers were found? I’ll be damned. Now listeners, we all know what happened next. It seems that wherever Vault Boy here goes, those stinky Frankensteins will get creamed. Tell me 101, what’s the secret behind your success? Even I, the all-might Three Dog would like to know.

Lone Wanderer: See here this piece, it’s called the Lincoln Repeater; the best damn gun any Wasteland Wanderer could ask for.

Three-Dog: Here’s a question from one of our listeners, Lucy from Megaton. She asks: “Are you God?” Heh, that question should be pointed to me. Care to answer that 101?

Lone Wanderer: Nope, I’m just a guy with a bad-ass gun.

Three-Dog: I wouldn’t want to be holding you up here kid, you got places to go and people to kill and I’ve got a show to run. Any words for my listeners before you head off into the Wastelands?

Lone Wanderer: Always carry a big gun with ya. Having ammo highly recommended.

Three-Dog: There you have it children, the Saviour of the Wastelands. And now, a public service announcement, and this applies to you too, 101: Don’t feed the Yao Guai. That is all.

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