Get the Final Fantasy XIII Trial this April!

I know some of you out there are really anticipating Final Fantasy XIII for the Sony Playstation 3. Want in on a trial version this April 2009?

All you need to do is to get a copy of Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete (First Print) Blu-Ray, which is going to be released this April 2009. It comes with a trial version of Final Fantasy XIII in Japanese. Make your pre-order now here.

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  1. xenohawk January 24, 2009

    Nice! I don’t need to purchase the Trail Ver. set alone for the same price from what I heard last time. Too bad there is still a year gap between the demo and the game 🙁

  2. tokyo_nights January 24, 2009

    I didn’t know that it was that big a gap. FF 13 might be my first FF on any Sony console. 🙂

  3. xenohawk January 24, 2009

    Unless you want Japanese version, international version will be on 2010 [Kotaku]. I’m actually looking forward to FF:XIII Versus as from the trailer, it seems more interesting. I’ll be getting both anyway 😛

  4. hyperX January 24, 2009

    A remake in PS3… one should compare the graphic of FF7 in PS1 and PS3…

  5. tokyo_nights January 24, 2009

    @xenohawk: That’s a fighting game? Hehe. I wanna get Street Fighter 4.

    @hyperX: No la. FF7: Advent Children is a animated feature film, not a game.

  6. ryan fiter November 29, 2009

    Wow…that my favorite movie series….
    i want to get it…

  7. Nobody December 4, 2009

    Indeed, A trial version of Final Fantasy 13 is out, but I don’t necessarily care for a Japanese counterpart of the English version that will soon be released in America – not a trial but the ACTUAL

    Besides, this ”Advent Children Complete movie” is rather expensive, obviously because of its little surprise, the trial, though I wouldn’t consider it a surprise anymore; the insolence of greed…

    Great movie, but I think I’ll pass; i’ve seen Advent Children over a hundred times (Literally) and trailers on the internet reveal pretty much all of the extra scenes included in this enhanced version of the movie.

  8. paul henry salapa November 8, 2010

    that’z my favorite movie series