XCM Dominator Joystick: Bling and Features All in One

Want a joystick with plenty of bling (try LED illumination and chrome buttons and joystick) with plenty of features to back it up, and not forgetting also a menacing name? You’ll want the XCM Dominator Joystick.

The following details were taken from the product page on Play-Asia:

Some gamers find the combo attacks in many games are hard to execute on a regular basis. You may need to combine 4-8 different button attacks with the proper timing to pull special moves. (Example: Y + Y + X + L + R + A + Y + B) With a normal controller this task is nearly impossible. The XCM Dominator Joystick solves this problem, and lets you execute these combos with ease. Just program the keys to a special button and then you only need to press that button to pull off those special moves.

The XCM Dominator Joystick includes 2 very special features: Combo Attacker and Independent Rapid Fire. This will allow you to dominate your opponents with ease. With these 2 features in hand fighting games will never be the same again!

Price tag? USD 69.90. For purchase information and further details, click here.

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  1. Harmony January 20, 2009

    Hmm, nice it has lights too.

  2. tokyo_nights January 20, 2009

    Maybe the lights are there to make it easier to find at night 😛