B-Team: Metal Cartoon Squad (NDS) Video Review!

If Metal Slug 7 were a 2D-isometric-squad-based-shooter, it would have been B-Team: Metal Cartoon Squad. In B-Team: MCS, you control a three man squad shooting enemies and destroying stuff in order to get from Point A to Point B in maze-like maps.

When I first played the game I was surprised at the quality and fun involved in playing the game and I thought, I should really put this on film. First up, the prerequisite intro film of well, the introduction of the game:

Next up, gameplay. The game requires both stylus and button control, the buttons used to move your squad and the stylus to shoot at enemies and structures. Making their way through the map, the squad will encounter power-ups, first-aid kits and weapons, all of which aid in helping them survive the maze-like maps.

Check out the gameplay video (look out for the funny character expressions on the top screen):

Interesting eh? This game should be a good afternoon romp.

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