Yesterday’s Video Game Purchase

It’s more like the only purchase this month.  I helped offload a copy of Initial D: Extreme Stage for the PS3 from a friend of mine for RM 80. With Play-Asia selling it for an already discounted price of USD 49.90, I saved RM 96 buying a barely used game.

One thing to note though is that the game is in Japanese, but if you are getting a copy yourself, don’t worry. The version sold on Play-Asia (as well as mine) comes with an English-language manual!

On a side note, don’t get me started by shying away from Japanese games simply because they are in Japanese. It’s not like playing them makes you feel that you are getting a Japanese language stuffed down your throat (I wouldn’t recommend it, even though it is a Kanji Sonomama Rakubiki Jiten dictionary cartridge).

I believe some games have universal appeal and are playable despite being in a foreign language. I’ve even got Japanese games in my collection that feature no Japanese text at all save for the manual and box! So don’t fret, take the plunge.

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