1 USD Dollar Bill In The Mail Thanks To Time Magazine

I’m a subscriber of Time Magazine and I received a letter from the publisher to participate in a Corporate Awareness Survey. Aside from the survey form and the postage-paid return envelope, included in the letter was a 1 US Dollar note as a token of their appreciation.

Heh. Hopefully our local postmen don’t go about opening Time Magazine correspondence from now onwards in search of a dollar bill.

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  1. goldcoaster January 15, 2009

    In our country (australia) it is illegal to send cash in the mail.
    Havent visited here in a while since talking about R4 and m3DSreal.

  2. tokyo_nights January 15, 2009

    Hey man. Long time no see. How have you been? I guess its either illegal or not recommended at all in most places for sending cash in the mail. I hope I didn’t get anyone into trouble for highlighting it 😛