Nine Over Ten’s Top 5 Lists of 2008

Ok. So it’s the end of the year and most, if not all, major video games site have posted up their 10 ten lists. So I figure that it’s time Nine Over Ten got into the spirit of things. Here it goes:

Top 5 Nintendo DS Games of 2008:

  1. Speed Racer: The Video Game

    Perhaps this year’s most underrated video game on the Nintendo DS, Speed Racer is a fast, frantic and colourful (in a good way) racer for the Nintendo DS. Stopping just short of perfection due to the lack of WFC multiplayer, the game will keep you engrossed with the dizzying tracks and if you are wondering what would happen if Bruce Lee was driving one of these cars, “Car-fu” is the answer. Click here for purchase info.

  2. Worms: Open Warfare 2

    Now, the first Worms: Open Warfare for all intents and purposes, felt like a port of the old-granddaddy of the Worms series for the PC, and honestly it sucks. Worms: Open Warfare 2 however, takes all that suckiness and shoots it out the window with some bazooka shells and homing missiles for good measure, not to mention an all new (but familiar) look and feel. Click here for purchase info.

  3. Geometry Wars: Galaxies

    Released really late last year (it’s my list anyway, I list whatever I want), this game is addictive and the stylus based controls just adds more fun to it. Caution though, if you are using a phat DS like yours truly, it’s best playing the game sitting up right. Click here for purchase info.

  4. Space Invaders Extreme

    This ain’t your daddy’s Space Invaders. While the arcade version was a harbinger of shmups to come, this new iteration brings with it a highly stylized look and feel and a snazzy soundtrack. You can’t help but to be swept by the psychedelic visuals but do make sure you are not drunk or something.As a bonus, do as I did by getting the Arkanoid Paddle Controller (available with the Japanese version of Arkanoid DS) and discover a whole new way of shooting UFOs on the DS. Click here for purchase info.

  5. New International Track & Field

    This is even better than the Olympics. Where else can you see Solid Snake (from MGS) and Pyramid Head (Silent Hill) competing in various sporting disciplines such as running, long jump, discus and swimming? The abusive use of the touch screen might make you want to take out an insurance policy on your DS but hey, read the manual: Button controls are available. Click here for purchase info.

Top 5 Nine Over Ten Articles:

  1. Metal Gear Solid 2: The Movie.. I mean Slide Show
  2. Jump Ultimate Stars – English Version for the NDS
  3. Nintendo DS Game With The Longest Cover Box!
  4. Nintendo’s Official DS Flashcart Out In July 2008?
  5. On To Some Regional News – Games Convention Asia 2008

Notable Notes

2008 has been pretty good for Nine Over Ten and I have my readers to thanks for that. So, while there are plenty of achievements to talk about (for the latest one, check the previous post) I’m looking forward to next year. Now, if Microsoft Malaysia can get their act together, I might see the Xbox 360 (or any future Xbox for that matter) being sold here. LOL

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