Fallout 3 Got Me Beat..

Man…just when I thought being chased by vicious dogs and mole rats across a desolate wasteland was bad enough, I conveniently bumped into a Super Mutant armed with nothing less than a rocket launcher. What does a guy have to do to get some decent guns and ammo in this forsaken piece of Americana.

Back at Megaton, I was faced with a dead sheriff. But hey, one man’s dead body is another’s loot, so look at what I’ve got, the key to the armory. I opened up the door only to face Deputy Steel. Despite beating a hasty retreat, the robot followed me out the door. In desperation, I decided to launch a mini nuke at him, triggering an all out firefight with the residents of Megaton.

This was when I decided enough was enough and promptly exited the game. I don’t care restoring from a much earlier save point.

Bleh… I think I need help. So, it’s off to the bookstore to get a copy of the Fallout 3 guide. Failing which, there’s always Play-Asia to order from. But in between the Fallout 3: Prima Official Game Guide and the hardcover Collector’s Edition, it seems to be that I’m spoilt for choice.

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