Fight The Strogg in Bargain Bin Quake Wars (PS3)

I played several rounds of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars (Demo Version) on the PS3 and I can’t believe that it is the same game that ran like a stuttering mess on my PC.

The PC wasn’t exactly the fastest around, but one would expect a 3 GHz AMD processor, 2 GB of RAM and a 256 MB ATI 1600XT video card to work some magic on the game. But like I said, the game ran like a stuttering mess and to add salt to the injury, it ran slightly faster on VISTA.

Anyways, back to Quake Wars on the PS3. I didn’t venture into online matches as my n00b skills are disappointing even myself in single player games. I guess it’s maybe also due to the “one-shot-kill” factor, but what I really need to come to terms with is the Dualshock 3.

Lets face it, the controller isn’t exactly your best friend during a firefight, but being a PS3 and all, it’s the only way to go. I noticed that despite the limited number of buttons a DS3 has, a comprehensive bunch of commands/functionality has been mapped to it, including a pretty cool-looking map function. You won’t be missing the keyboard over this aspect.

Graphics wise, the game is as pretty as I can remember but I think some textures are a little washed out compared to the PC version. Nevertheless, the game ran FAST.

The demo has only a couple of game modes, but you’ll have access to both human and Strogg classes. Given the one-shot-kill nature of the game, I thought that I can increased my survivability by choosing the soldier class with the rocket launcher as the main weapon.

I found that the rocket launcher isn’t really corridor friendly, and now I find better comfort sniping at enemies. It would take a while to be good in this game, but I’ll continue to play, in order to see how far this experience goes.

Having nice graphics, and challenging gameplay is all good but the best thing about Enemy Territory: Quake Wars for the PS3 is that it is now available at a bargain bin price of USD 24.90. Interested? Click here for details.

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  1. hyperX December 2, 2008

    If it’s $24.90 then it’s worth buying. Considering PS3 can run the game better but I personally hate playing FPS in console. I prefer keyboard and mouse.

  2. tokyo_nights December 2, 2008

    yeah…still prefer the keyboard and mouse combo. I’ll probably check to see whether my wireless keyboard and mouse would work with the game.