Civilization Revolution: Demo First Looks

Man…putting in the ability to download and play demos on the PS3 is, in my book, a stroke of genius! I just finished playing the demo version of Civilization Revolution and the game has translated well from being a PC mainstay to its new found console home.

Helping in your quest to put your civilization on top is a new, streamlined interface that makes use of the Dualshock 3, in place of a missing mouse. There’s no cursor, which takes some getting used to, but with hot keys mapped to the DS3 buttons and the use of the analog sticks to move about the map (and order troops around), you wouldn’t be missing the PC holdover anytime soon.

Units, cities and the map in general look bigger, making it easier to move about and select stuff. Battle animation is also a nice touch. Like its PC predecessors, the objective of Revolution is to build up your civilization to achieve victory via several means: domination, technology, culture, etc.

My only gripe from this demo is that the advisors talk in The Sims-like gibberish; the character animations some what make up for it but still…meh.

Anyways, I’ll be looking out for the game on the secondhand market. If you are interested in a new copy, click here for US release and here for the Asian release.

Hmm…isn’t this the first review of a PS3 game on Nine Over Ten? Achievement unlocked!

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  1. Kyo November 16, 2008

    Erh brader, shouldn’t it be Trophy Unlocked? Considering it’s PS3? 😛

  2. tokyo_nights November 16, 2008

    purposely one 😛