Are Computer Games Too Violent For Children?

That was the topic being discussed yesterday on Lite FM’s morning show. I’ve only heard a part of it but I never thought that the (Lite FM) radio announcers and listeners (I think that’s what they call radio DJs nowadays) can be such bigots.

One of the announcers actually suggested some form of ratings to be implemented…hello, heard of the ESRB? It’s hard not to find a game WITHOUT an ESRB rating stuck to the front and on the back cover of a game.

A caller mentioned censorship and that children should be prevented from getting the games. You know what I think? It is not children who are buying the games, the parents do. So, it falls back on the parents being the responsible party in using their better judgment (reading the ESRB rating helps as well) when it comes to purchasing games.

The same radio announcer mentioned that children are playing “the bad guys” more often now in video games and that the graphics are becoming more realistic. Now, these games have evolved for 20 years, in order to serve a market that has aged along with the industry. These games are no longer meant for kids, they are for ADULT consumption.

Having trouble understanding the previous paragraph? Here’s a much simpler analogy: It’s like watching an R-rated film like Saving Private Ryan. Would you bring your kid to watch it?

The video games industry is more or less like the movie industry nowadays. Thought provoking, violent, realistic, escapism, comedy, ponography, whatever concepts you can find in films, you can now find it in video games, and they have indeed come a long way.

Last I need is a couple of old geezers yapping their mouths off on national radio with practically no knowledge on the subject matter being discussed. But on second thought, they can pass off as a comedy dou. Thanks Lite FM. What a way to start a Monday morning…

Note: The same radio announcer introduced Peabo Bryson’s and Regina Belle’s “A Whole New World” as a song from the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack, midway through the discussion. The song is from the Aladdin soundtrack…duh.

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  2. Local DJs are idiots November 12, 2008

    Local DJs have always been idiots.
    Prime example would be the two morons , JJ and rudy from Hitz FM….non of their humor are funny, yet they still keep doing the same rubbish all the time.
    Other DJs are equally pathetic as well, and if you flip your Astro channels and come across Hitz Tv….you get to see such morons and their stupidity….
    I remember when they chose a certain bimbo for Hitz TV a couple of years back , I forgot her name, but she was butt ugly and extremely stupid, yet overhyped…local people are idiots themselves…and yes there are many more from where that came from.
    Remember the twins from Channel V…or was it MTV….watever….their makeup was thick enough to stop bullets, they were no where near even being mildly entertaining, they were annoying and attention whores.
    Most tv and radio personalities here are worthless….we are better off reading cheap, corny sex novels.

  3. kruel74 November 12, 2008

    Guys, it doesn’t just apply in Malaysia only but in the lovely US of A its the same. That’s freedom of expressions for you (but then again diva DJ like Fly Guy and what’s him name was fired what when they demand…) They are a dime a dozen

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  5. Nicholas Leong November 12, 2008

    Games are evil. They make me spend money. Thanks. 😛

  6. madmoz November 12, 2008

    Bah, games are indeed evil. Cause by buying pirated games (which sadly is still what the majority do in this part of the woods) the parents are teaching their children that it is OK to buy bootlegs.

    And the one time I actually saw a parent buy his barely three and a half feet tall son a game, he got GTA for the PSP. The irony…

  7. Kyo November 15, 2008

    I dun blame malaysians. Because I know very well not all of us get into our heads every sinle information they can find. Trust me, you should also be a bodybuilder and hear all the loads of crap Malaysians can also talk about protein based on 1 READING.