Games That Make You Feel A Wee Bit Political

Obama won. So ends the longest presidential campaign in US history. The ups and downs of the election may have been fun to observe, but lets say you don’t want it to stop? Where would you get your politics fix? Watching the Malaysian parliament in session would be an alternative, but an even better choice that would save you the disappointment of watching your elected representatives call each other idiots, would be games.

Here’s a list of Nintendo DS games that would make you feel that you are at least running for office, or something. All of them share something in common, PC pedigrees which have been ported over and given a DS shine.

  1. The Sim City SeriesThe PC version had you, as mayor of a city, choosing economic policies, setting taxes and dealing with environmental policies at the same time. Sounds like if you do ace the games in the series, you can probably fill in the shoes of Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger. But instead of calling you The Governator, you would probably be known as The Simulator….

    The DS enjoys a somewhat large Sim City base which includes Sim City Creator, Sim City DS and Sim City DS 2.

  2. Civilization RevolutionsThis is the game of the “One More Turn” fame. As the leader of a nation trying to find its footing in the world (or using said foot to kick-ass), indulge in your despotic tendencies or go all out barbarian with historical figures such as Genghis Khan.

    Better still, grow up and embrace different political ideologies in order to bring up your country through the ages in a world filled with allies who are no better than enemies.

  3. Theme Park DSIf only real life union negotiations can be resolved with milk and cookies, doing business a whole lot easier. Anyways, Theme Park DS is the only game in the series that would have you managing a business, but I look at it this way, it is an economics sandbox.

    Add this, change that, and you have your citizens, I mean Theme Park patrons change their spending habits, hopefully in favour to your bank account.

If you can’t be bothered with Nintendo DS games, check out Obama, McCain and a whole bunch of other people involved in the recently concluded elections in a web-based, Mortal Kombat-type game:

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