Mother 3 Updates and Collectibles

Mother 3 Progress:

The word I’m looking for would be: slow. Yup. I’m taking my time with this; the save file shows that I’ve played two and a half hours..since the English translation patch was released last week.

But hey, I’m having great fun. The English script is really humourous and while some elements from Earthbound are missing (phoning in to save, going from one whacky town to another); NOA should probably hire these guys to do the official English edition Mother 3.

Collectors Listen Up

Check out the original copy of Mother 2 for the Super Famicom listed here on Play-Asia. It’s going only for USD 25.42. Click here for details.

But if you are looking for some Mother 1+ 2 goodness on the go, check out the Mother 1 + 2 Value Selection for the GBA. Do note that this is in Japanese; click here for details.

There’s also a Mother 1 + 2 soundtrack on CD, click here for details.

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