Courtroom Turnabout Adjourns for the Concert Hall

Despite having 1 or 2 Phoenix Wright games sitting on my bookshelf (once you reach more than 50 games, you start to lose count, or don’t remember what you actually own), I’ve not gone about playing them. They are just..sitting…there….beckoning….@_@

Anyways, Gyakuten Saiban is really big in its home country of Japan, inspiring even a classical orchestral performance based on the game’s soundtrack back in April 2008.

But before you mutter “…only in Japan..”, Capcom has released the Gyakuten Saiban Tokubetsu Hout Orchestra Concert 2008 Official DVD Book. Now you can enjoy the orchestra from the comforts of your home theater (a DVD player and a tv would suffice actually).

Here’s the write up on the DVD Book, taken from Play-Asia:

Starting out as a comedic courtroom adventure, the DS game Gyakuten Saiban attracted vast amounts of fans with its fun system, intriguing plot, enchanting characters and wonderful BGM tracks. To praise the game’s excellent music, a classical orchestral performance was arranged in April for all fans to come together and enjoy.

For those who unfortunately missed the event, you can take part in it, although belatedly, through the DVD recording of the concert. Through the DVD view menu, watch the game’s images that were projected onto the large screen during the performance.

Aside from visual and audio recordings, the DVD package comes with a booklet that contains the digest of the event and commentaries from the music producers.

Interested? Click here to find out how to purchase this DVD book.

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