Are You Getting The Mother 3 Handbook (It’s in English!)?

Now that we have the game in its all fan-translated English language glory, the next question would be, would you be getting the Handbook? “A Prima Games handbook?” you ask. No, like the fan-subbed game, this handbook was created by fans, for fans.

Just by looking at the picture of the handbook and you can tell that the creators of the book are onto something different, something that surpasses any other guide created for any other game.

So how much does it cost? It’s available for USD 20 on pre-order (ships in January) and as for me it will cost USD 31 inclusive of shipping.

Where can you get it? It’s available at this site: In the mean time, I’m accepting donations to my PayPal account to get the book, enquire within (tongue-in-cheek).

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