Of Books, Consoles, Celeb-bloggers and Cheezburgers

The GameBoy Micro finally needed charging after weeks of all-play, no socket. The long duration I spent waiting at the Tun Husein Onn Eye Hospital today lead to two hours of solid Mother 3 play on the GBM, which caused the console to start blinking red. And before I forget, I saw Kim Ong today.

With the would-be Duracell bunny of a console charging along side the Nintendo DS, I’m actually quite console-free tonight. I really should finish reading The Other Boleyn Girl… the list of unread books sitting on the floor of my room (the book shelves are full) is getting to be quite ridiculous. Oi oi…stop blogging.

I leave you with a cat I snapped at the beach earlier this month:

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  1. Kim Ong October 22, 2008

    What happened to your eyes? I had a slight infection – must have been due to my expired eye-shadow. Lol. The eye hospital brings bad memories – I stayed there for one week. *shudders*

  2. tokyo_nights October 23, 2008

    Took the day off to take my mum to see the doc. She got a problem with “floaters” on her left eye. Doctor gave the all clear, so its all good. Hope you get well soon 🙂