Macross Frontier (Complete) DVD Boxset Review

Macross/Robotech. Most people would argue that both are different (indeed they are) and that one is better than the other. It doesn’t really matter to me as I love ’em both.

So it’s not suprising for me to snap up a Robotech novel and a Macross Frontier DVD Box Set on the same day :). The novel in question would be Rubicon, part 5 of The Sentinels series. It’s pretty difficult to get a hold of these books nowadays and I was fortunate enough to find a copy in a used-books store at 1 Utama. The price? A mere RM 5 and in excellent condition too.

I did abit of shopping mall hopping today (I was on leave) and I ended up at AEON Bukit Tinggi as well. Popular Book Store was selling the Macross Frontier Box Set (Episodes 1 – 25, the entire series) bundled with the soundtrack, Nyan Furo for just RM 39.90.

I don’t really hold anime boxsets from Popular Book Store in high esteem, because most are produced by Hong Kong companies with really sub-par subtitles, not to mention the poor picture quality. Both qualities are present in the Macross Frontier boxset.

You would be better off thinking of them as legitimized pirated DVDs, no thanks to the Malaysian government passing them with the Censorship Board’s cert (which labels the boxset as Macross Zero instead…urgh… Malaysia Boleh! wtf).

The act of bundling the soundtrack CD was rather nice (for a change), even though the CD was sans inserts (legitimized piracy…remember?). The box set itself was also rather nice, different from the “big box with a whole bunch of DVD sleeves inside” approach. Pity the dumb designer who placed the words Macross Seven on the boxset (legitimized piracy..again). Here are some pictures:

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