Lego Batman DS: A Review

Lego Batman joke:

Q: What ever happened to the perp right after he bumped into Lego Batman?
A: He was shitting bricks.

Not funny eh? Anyways, can I have a show of hands on how many of you use video game guidebooks? By the rate I’m going with Lego Batman DS, I would probably need one, or at least a good GameFAQs guide, which is not available at the moment.

I’ve never really gone about completing the Lego Star Wars games on the DS, but Lego Batman has me hooked. And despite playing quite abit, with just a level or two left, it still shows that I’ve completed a paltry sum of the game… I need a good guide.

The premise of the game is simple, go around levels as the Lego-lized version of the Dynamic Duo (Batman and Robin for the less comic-book inclined crowd) bashing Lego-lized goons and the entire gamut of Batman foes,  from Clayface, The Riddler, The Penguin, Two Face, Catwoman, Poison Ivy, The Joker and many more.

Come Running After….

There are also chase scenes whereby you control the Batmobile, Batwing and the boat-thing, chasing after more goons in their vehicles. Each level is rife with destructible items (and power ups) and collecting a whole lot of them Lego stubs (as the consequence of destroying those items) will garner you “True Hero” status. More often than not you’ll find secret items (and unlockables) by destroying items as well.

While the Lego Star Wars games always carried about a rough look and feel to them, Lego Batman looks really slick and polished; say goodbye to the boring grey of starship interiors and embrace the glorious, I’m sorry, dark, night.

Roam About

Completing each level will also unlock their respective free play modes. The cool part about this is that you can use characters unlocked from the story mode (essentially, the villains such as Clayface, etc) to partner alongside Batman in the free play mode. These characters lend an extra touch as they can provide access to previously unaccessible areas.

As mentioned earlier, I hit a number of stumbling blocks in the game. If you do too, don’t fret as there’s always some kind soul with an answer online. So even though there’s no guide yet on GamesFAQ, check out their bulletin board for tips.

The Sound of Muisc

Rounding up the game is the soundtrack, and the most familiar piece used in the game is from the oldie but goldie Animated Series, which I think is way nicer than the colourful “The Batman” currently showing on CN.

So what’s next for these bunch of Legos, Lego Superman perhaps? Personally I would prefer Lego Captain America but hopefully his shield wouldn’t be a recycled and painted over Lego tyre.

Interested in getting Lego Batman for the Nintendo DS? Click here for further details.

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