Jump Ultimate Stars – English Version for the NDS

A friend of mine sent a NDS ROM file to me this afternoon, saying that I would like it for sure. It turned out to be the English version of Jump Ultimate Stars! Wait a minute, did you just say the English version of Jump Ultimate Stars?

Due to licensing issues for different Jump characters over at the States, an official English language version of Jump Ultimate Stars will not see the light of the day. What I have loaded in my R4 is a fan-lead translation project and while some stuff remain untranslated, it is much more enjoyable than having a game guide lying around for reference.

I for one should know as I have the original game sitting pretty on my shelf. I balked after the first 10 minutes because referring to a guide was quite a chore.

Here’s a video of unofficial English translation of Jump Ultimate Stars!

I tip my hat at the person who embarked on this mission to translate Jump Ultimate Stars. Thanks! Now.. if only Nintendo were to release Mother 3 in English. I can has Mother 3 in English? Danke..

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